Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Book review: The Pragmatic Programmer

So, this is my second book review (you can check out the first one here) and I'm going to use the same format as in my first one. The title of this book is (if you're unable to read it from the left picture):

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master (Paperback) by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

1. Who should read it?
The title tells it all. A programmer. Interestingly, the book is more focus on the desktop programming and nothing on the web development. However, this does not mean it is not suitable for web developer because it contains a lot of habits/career tips that any programmer should have.

The exercises given in the book most of them are C++ or Java. I could understand this because most programmers learned C++ or Java earlier than other language (First program I wrote in college was using Java with notepad; and I hate it). If you don't know about C++ or Java, perhaps it's about time to pick up the basic, just for fun.

2. What is it all about?
It more than just habits and career advice. It covers some on coding design, editor tools, testing, maintaining, requirement gathering, communication, code generators and team building. It offers a lot of stories or scenarios, which most of them reflect to my past experience and current situations.

The book is written in lively manner plus there isn't anything about syntax or code. The exercises is just to show how the principle or idea can be applied. So, it's easy to read and learn from it.

3. What so special about it?
It offers timeless principle. It gives a general idea on what a programming can be; not just plain write better codes. There is time where I thought I have master a programming language and there is no more way I can improve it more within my career. This book changed my perspective and somehow, the world wasn't so small that I thought it would be.

Finally, if you come to a point where you find your programming skill unable advance further, give this book a try, it will guide you to the next level.