Thursday, January 17, 2008

End of Window XP

The date fall on June 30, 2008. Microsoft will stop selling Window XP as according to Windows Life-Cycle Policy. Support will end on April 14, 2009. This mean no further security updates or hotfixes will be automatically download to you computer on April 2009 onwards.

Sad but it's a fact that somehow people have to cope with it. Below is a list of what would happen after the support ends.
  1. Continue using window xp: There might be a risk of having your data getting lost or stolen due security vulnerabilities and computer bugs in the future. Or use window xp in offline environment. That would cut down the risk factor by half.
  2. Upgrade to Windows Vista: There are good feedbacks from some of the user but mostly I heard are the bad ones. Therefore, try it before upgrade.
  3. Move to Linux or Macs: Install Linux OS in your current machines and start to get familiar with it. Or buy a Apple Mac machine on your next computer machine, if point 2 is not your option.
  4. Finally, sign up a petition: Go to Save Windows XP, sign up the petition so that the people in Microsoft would reconsider to prolong the support. However, I would doubt it since they not earning money.
As for me, I will go for option 3 because I'm quite happy with my Ubuntu.

Update 2011: Support ends at 2014

Refererence: 12,500 sign 'Save XP' petition, How-to get Windows XP past the June 30th cutoff (or not)