Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron review from Gusty Gibbon user

One word for this release, is more like a mixed feeling. You can either love or hate it, depends on how long you first play with it.

As a Gusty Gibbon home user, I will focusing this review on Firefox 3 beta 5 for surfing the web, audio and video player for the entertainment and word processor for writing my article. I have installed Hardy Heron for my Dell 640M from scratch where in my past experience, upgrade doesn't seem working well for me.

1. Worked out of the box - No driver needs to be installed.
2. More stable flash player - Previously Firefox freeze after a while watching youtube or playing some flash games. Now it is fixed (with adobe flash player).
3. Transmission for BitTorrent - Love at first sight. It's so easy to use. It is good for them to take Transmission as Ubuntu default bittorrent client.
4. Date time with weather forecast - I live in Subang, Malaysia (I'm sure international reader doesn't know where that is.) and it has the weather forecast for it. Excellent.
5. Open office 2.4 load faster - The 0.1 version increased seems a lot performance improved to me (previous version is 2.3).
6. Unknown brand mp3 player worked for file transfer - It kept disconnected in Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon but now it worked. Almost. (See hate section below)
7. Easier codec installation - A more user friendly approach to install codec, where you don't need to go to the add/remove to install it. Listening to mp3 and watching avi file has never been easier.

1. File corrupted on file transfer to mp3 player - Happened only for the unknown brand player after some file transfer. Maybe it was caused by the cable which i used (my external hard disk cable). However, for my 2GB thumb drive it worked flawlessly.
2. Google reader - News item kept missing. It can be fixed by pressing ctrl+0 in Firefox.
3. Default flash player is sucked - I thought Firefox beta that does not support flash correctly. It was swfdec that caused the unpleasant surprise. Get the adobe flash player instead.
4. Wifi LED is dead - I thought Heron has killed my wireless or I have to look for linux drivers on the internet. No, it was not. It just the LED won't light up. I found out after I left my wireless on after restart from Windows and log into Ubuntu again.

If you fall in the hate section by first couple of minutes of using Hardy Heron, there is a tendency of going back to Gusty Gibbon where Firefox is not beta, Wifi LED is working and no item missing in google reader. However, after get passed those issue a day later, life seems to be better again. Much better.

So, I would conclude that Hardy Heron it's a great release (most of the Hate can be fixed except one) beside having to compromise the wifi LED, which I hope Ubuntu team has a fix for it somewhere in future.

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