Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Review: Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices

I started working using PL/SQL 2 years ago. I have been trying to understand the language thru reference book and all those books have been really helpful. However, reference book is just like a dictionary. It gives you words to write an article but never show how to write properly (Area such as format, grammar and style). This book is gives further insight beside just PL/SQL reference.

1. Who should read it?
Beginner and intermediate developer. I have checked amazon review on this book and some said that this book offers nothing much (perhaps they are pro developer). However, for me, I found this book gives me a lot of PL/SQL development insight which I'm lack in my current job.

2. What is it all about?
It offers best practices in very every aspect of PL/SQL development. The book also offer further resources on the intenet with code sample and template that reader can take advantage of. In addition, the author also created some video for his book. They are available in the his website which served like a companion for the book.

3. What so special about it?
There are a lot of PL/SQL reference book out there and this one offers much more broader view on PL/SQL development. Furthermore, the book is easy and fun to read and didn't put me to sleep too quickly.

This book worth a space in my PL/SQL book shelf and I recommend to developer who want to further their development skill to a higher level.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Firefox beta 3.5 first look

In point form.

1. Acid3 test scored 93, which means better web page support. Version 3.0 only scored around 70+.

2. Support open video and audio format .ogg. I have tried a sample video and it played smoothly. Quite impressive.

3. Faster startup. I'm not sure whether it just me. I have couple of add-on installed and I think some how it has slow down the startup on firefox 3.0. The new 3.5 seems to be not affected at all.

There are some other improvement but I think the above 3 is the most obvious.

PS: Thanks to the mozilla and open source video/audio development team. This new version is sure has push the browser limit/competition to a new height.

Firefox 3.5 beta
Firefox 3.5 beta release note
Acid3 test