Monday, March 8, 2010

Thought of moving out of (dis)comfort zone.

The culprit that causing me to have this thought is: senior programmer wrote code that's lame.

No matter how marvel that my code is, the bug comes from the library/standard that my code depends on, wrote by some senior programmer that does not test their work. It ends up blocking my code to work as expected.

I have gone tired and frustrated with this culture (i think it's quite common in the programming world) as the lower level staff have to pick up their senior's mistake and sort out the issue. Adding salt to the injury, code written by the senior wasn't easy to maintain or read, causing the effort to understand and correct the bug takes days to resolve.

One might ask, what are those senior are doing then? They have so many issues pending on them due to their untested work, they don't even have time to solve the bug that's concern to me but not for them. This lead to work and stress start to pile up, not to mention what's the next time bomb (serious bug waiting to be discovered) will be.

Maybe it's time to move on and out of area that I have familiar with for 8 years. Maybe it's time work some thing that's new to me. I thought of venturing into Business Analyst. Time will tell.

Update: Change title to possible of discomfort zone.