Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Content matters than technology

I was in the train this morning and I saw a guy with his Iphone. I had a peek to his Iphone to see what he's doing with it and he was searching for his songs. Meanwhile, in my hand, I had a Nintendo DS with a training video about writing (my writing need some improvement). It came to my thought that, the guy's song can be played in my device and vice versa. Subsequently, I remember there one saying in one of the programming book I have read, "content stays, technology moves on".

For example, my name will not change as often as technology. In other words, it can be stored in different types of database and using different types of programming languages. The name will stays until I die; but technology might change to a new level. This leads me thinking about my career, whether I should stick to a programming of particular technology or move to business/functional side. Well, business process wouldn't change as often as technology and it doesn't pay lesser than technical people. Perhaps it's the thought of doing a easier job and getting the same pay?

Imagine after 10 years, will the song and training video be different? It's a dumb question but I'm sure my Nintendo DS and the guy's Iphone will be obsolete.