Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to identify good, experience senior colleague

If you are a junior or just join a company, I hope this article may help you to identify which senior/experience colleague you should be working with.
  1. When you talk about your work with them, they become energetic and have enthusiasm on the discussion. You can see sparkle in their eyes.
  2. When you ask something from them, example: better ways of coding, they can provide a lot of inputs, solutions and even recommendations. They willing to share their years of experience.
  3. Based on the 2 points above, they are easy approachable, which means they are very welcome on any question you ask. They are open and accept to different opinions.
  4. They apologize on their mistake because they knows human does make mistake and they know they're human. :)
  5. They take responsibility on your mistake, which make them a team player.
  6. They are great communicator. They will find out the root cause of the mistake instead of playing the blame game. They able to provide the solution to avoid the mistake from happening again.
  7. They will only give work that is within your responsibility. They are very clear what is the scope of your work. Furthermore, they keeping track and following up every work they have given to you.
Finally, a good experience senior colleague is just only a human. They may not have all the points I have listed above. However, if you find that a senior that not even fit one of the traits above, it is better you find another one to work with.