Monday, October 3, 2011

We don't care about the software update

I and my wife was invited to a my wife friend's place for couple days. One day, they asked for my help to fix  their laptop that is running very slow lately.

The first impression on the laptop that it was the same model as mine which I bought it 4 years ago. It was running Windows XP sp2 and they told me that they have been skiping updates poping up in their screen except anti virus update. To me, I was in shocked.

I have run disk checking, defrag and disable most of the startup program and services (as requested by the husband), however the windows startup still running very slowly. Then I found out their laptop was still using 512 MB of ram. :O (mine has already upgrade to 2gb since ram is cheap nowadays)

After further investigation, then I found out it's the old version of anti virus that's hogging the memory and running startup scan each time when they log into their machine. I let the scan to finished its job and then the laptop was back to normal.

In the end, I recommended them to find a new free anti virus from the internet to replace the old one and let the husband to do the research. (which I doubt he will replace it because he wasn't that much of interest.) I didn't try to do much on the laptop because their internet connection was using 3g modem. well, that means I can't do a windows sp3 update because that's going to eat up most of their 3g data.

After all these, I suddenly realized that home user wasn't care much about updates, which in their perspective, that doesn't bring in any value. Therefore, will there be any program/OS in the future that doesn't requires updates? I highly hope so that mine wishful thinking could become a reality in future.