Friday, November 25, 2011

TO_DATE(Date datatype) is not a date

Try this

Select TRUNC(sysdate), TO_DATE(sysdate), CASE WHEN TRUNC(sysdate) = TO_DATE(sysdate) THEN 'Equal' ELSE 'Not Equal' END from dual;

Well, I got a 'Not Equal' and I don't understand why. Both result from TRUNC and TO_DATE are looked the same but they are not equal. Theoretically, they are same data type but they're still not equal.

So, what gives?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2nd paper

I woke up this morning feeling nervous because finally the day has come for my second test paper  before certified as Oracle Certified Associate.

I took my breakfast and read the morning newspaper as usual. Then, before heading out to the test center, I took a second check on the address and it's a a new address for me as I never been there before. So, I went out early just to make sure I got enough time to reach there in case I took the wrong road.

Everything went well and I reached the test center much earlier than expected. I checked with the reception on my exam slot booking and after the form filling and registration, I was in the cubicle with test application on the monitor.

After all the study preparation, the test took me 30 mins to finished and finally, a big FINALLY, I have passed the test.

The first paper I've taken it was 2009 and now is 2011 only I go for the second paper. What happened in between those years? Well, it was procrastination, excuses, fear and endless of preparation. Analysis until paralysis. Anyway, it ends for now until another certification caught my eye (I got a feeling to go for the Professional Certificate) and I hope the vicious habits don't start again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Use PDF rather than Microsoft Word to share document

Actually, I use 3 different OS in my daily life and they are Window XP, Ubuntu and Android. I have all 3 OS installed Microsoft Word editor and edit my resume on them. I use Dropbox to put my document online so I can easily edit and share it to recruiter. Unfortunately, all 3 editor reacts differently when I try to edit my document. The document always shows differently or gone wrong (especially on bullet paragraph) each time I open it using a different editor. I have no idea why (probably Microsoft Word makes the word document format so hard for other developer to adopt it).

Finally, I found a better way to share document by exporting them to PDF format when I'm done editing it. This way, the document format will always be the same. I know it's a hassle but it will always formatted right when user open the document.