Friday, June 8, 2012

Last day at work

My family and I are migrating to Australia. It was sad that I have to leave my colleague and the job I loved here - and move on to another country. Nevertheless, I was still working till the last drop today. My colleague was embarrassed to seek my advise and guidance although by now they should be able to pick up the work with their own. Some even says to call/email me for support while I'm still in Malaysia for another 2 weeks, before taking the late flight to Australia. :D

My heart wanted to stay with this company and grow with them but my mind wanted to go. Everyone understands that family commitment comes first and it was unfortunate that I have to leave after working just one and half years with this company.

After sending the thank-you-and-goodbye email, hand over the remaining work to my boss and finally a photo session, I picked up my stuff heavy hearted and have a final cigarette moment with my new boss before leaving (although I'm just a casual smoker).

I wished them all the best in their career and I hope the same for me when I start my new life in Australia.

P.s. Never thought of life can be rebooted but now I can see one coming. :P