Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why using single alphanumeric for status code is a bad idea.

This screen uses A as approved for status code. That screen uses A in status for something else (e.g. archived, arrived and some even not start with such as Invoiced). Let's not get into numeric because it gets even worst. My thought of this is that developer / analyst just too lazy to add another character to clarify things a bit more.

Why can't just put two or more characters to make the status code more meaningful and unique between screen? Example: AP = Approve, AR = Archived, AV = Arrived. Maybe the screen doesn't have enough space to fit another character or there is just too much typing, either case, I still believe clarity comes first.

Nevertheless, for developer / analyst, please avoid using single character for status code (especially the same code used in different screen) in application design / development and help create a more user friendly world. That will make the world a better place to live, at least for me. Thanks. ;)