Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Got extra ram not used by windows? Try Ramdisk to speed up web browser.

I just happened to find out there is free software to create a disk from RAM memory and the virtual disk speed is fast. I have installed the software and created a ramdisk of 512mb out from my notebook 4Gb memory. I configured Chrome cache folder and windows temp folder to the ramdisk. Applications seem to run faster (maybe it's paradox but icasa desktop softwareP seems to load a lot faster)

The downside is that it takes longer time to boot to windows (to load the disk image to RAM) and shutdown (to save the data from RAM to physical disk). I don't frequently shut down my notebook and always put it on standby. Therefore, I guess the startup and shutdown doesn't affect me much.

I also thought of upgrading my system with Solid State Drive (SSD) to improve performance but that is going to take a lot of effort to mirror the all the data from current harddisk. Furthermore, it's costly to buy a SSD today. The cheap and easy way, just upgrading the RAM and create the RAMdisk as necessary.

Updates: Try pairing ramdisk with PortableApps (portableapps.com), it works great for me.

Dataram Ramdisk (Free non commercial use limited to 4Gb)

AMD Radeon version (same as above)

Softperfect Ramdisk (Free non commercial use with no limit)