Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oracle Developer VM

I have tried to setup oracle express in my Windows 7 64bit machine but only to find out there are no 64bit Oracle express for windows to download. I tried to create a 64bit Ubuntu VM and setup the 64bit Oracle express Linux version but failed. Not willing spend more time on researching, I took the easy approach by looking existing Oracle VM and what I found is the Database App Development VM from Oracle. The downside is the 4GB file and it took a while to download.

After setup Virtual Box, Bios to make sure virtualization feature is on, "Enable IO APIC" and "Hardware clock in UTC time" is checked, finally I got the Oracle VM up and running within an hour. As I was poking around using the terminal to start up the database, the best way to start using this VM is by double click on the "Start Here" Firefox icon.

The first lesson is the SQL Developer data modeler, which I find it very interesting as the tool really show how help to create, identify and diagram the database table. Maybe this is old news and I might be living in the cave for a while now before realize there are such wonderful tool. :O

Anyway, there are more lessons to go and things to poke around in this VM. I took a VM snapshot just in case I screw things up so I can restore the snapshot back. Highly recommended for oracle developer to get one installed in their machine.