Monday, August 4, 2014

Simplicity of Laptop Fan Cleaning

Why do we need to fan cleaning our laptop? It's simple, most of the laptops nowadays come with a fan and it will suck up dust and trap it at the heat sink. When the dust is build up enough to block the laptop ventilation, the CPU will overheat and hang or shut itself down. As a user who depends on laptop for work, we definitely don't want that to happen.

From the Lenovo website, the G50 series model manual guide on how to fan cleaning your laptop.

Based on the screen shot above, I can see it's rather straightforward. Just open the back panel and remove the fan and then use a brush to clean the heat sink just right beside it.


Now, look at the current laptop I have, which is the HP G6, on how to fan cleaning the laptop.

Apparently I need to strip my laptop down to the motherboard BEFORE I can remove the fan and clean the heat sink. I was in shock after reading the guide because it caused so much hassles just to fan cleaning this laptop.

There's even a Youtube video (search: fan cleaning HP G6) dedicated for the HP G6 on how to strip the laptop down to the motherboard and half way thru the video, I have lost count how many screw the guy has removed. :'(

In short, this has taught me a lesson on always check the laptop model manual guide before making the final purchase decision because it will come back and haunt me when the time comes to maintain it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oracle 12c VM for developers is here

Probably this is an old news and I'm just giving it some shout out here.

OTN Developer Day VM

The goodies in this VM as follows:

  • Oracle Linux 6.5
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle XML DB
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Hands-On-Labs (accessed via the Toolbar Menu in Firefox)
Download oracle virtual box and load this VM for fun. 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Data dictionary that makes me angry

The user requested for an agreement report that consists of an agreement start date and agreement sold date. I found my table in the database and based on the column name it was straight forward.

AGMTSTARTDATE (Obviously, the column name stands for agreement start date)
AGMTSOLDDATE (This one is definitely the sold date)

The column is self defined obviously and therefore, the report is easy to generate and I passed the report to the user for review.

However, it was all wrong. According to the front-end system screen, the date reflected was the other way round. I was surprised why system screen would put the AGMTSTARTDATE as solddate and AGMTSOLDDATE as startdate.

The problem has prompted me to check in the data dictionary for the definition and it was defined as follows:

AGMTSTARTDATE - This is the agreement startdate. If the an agreement has a status as SOLD, the agreement sold date will be used as startdate.

This is sort of nonsense that really makes me angry. Apparently, the system developer is down right lazy to update the correct value in the correctly labeled column. Was it really that hard to switch the date between the two columns? Gee...

In short, this is just another bad design or lazy developer. :(

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sony Xperia Z Battery Drain

Main cause of the battery drain? Google Play services.

After couple of re-occurrence of the battery drain, I found out that it was caused by the GPS I left it on for all day. I wonder why Google Play services keep using the GPS although I didn't open the app.

To fix this, always keep the GPS off after  using it.

Update: Android 4.4.4 update has fixed this.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oracle Apex Workshop 4.2 in Sydney

I got an invitation from Oracle to attend their new version of apex workshop and it's free. (A brief introduction on apex: it's a framework that allows developers and analyst to rapidly build web based application using Oracle database).

With excitement, I got approval from my boss to attend this workshop and arrived there earlier than everyone else. The first look at the building was astonishing. Glasses everywhere and people can be seen working at their desk thru the glass window on every floor just by standing in the lounge. (Similar to an aquarium environment).

Anyway, after registration at the reception and the staff showed me the way to the workshop, I was greeted by two consultants who will be presenting the workshop. I quickly found my spot, pulled up my laptop and start up the machine. Then, as I expected, I was given a portable drive to copy the virtual machine image for the workshop. Guess what, it was approx. 15GB. After extraction and import to the virtual machine environment, it took another 60GB off my hard drive. From what I recalled on the Oracle Developer Day image (another workshop done in U.S.), it was only 5GB.  I'm puzzled and suspected that the image for the APEX workshop was injected a lot of dummy data, enough to generate reports and performance testing.
Finally, after half hour files transferring and setting up the virtual machine, I finally got it running with the help of the consultants.

By the way, up this point, I was joined by another 2 participants and the rest of the session was just 3 of us. (Off topic: I was surprised at the response of this workshop and there are a couple of possibilities of why. First, the Oracle developer in Sydney mostly using other web technology rather than tied to the APEX framework for web app developers OR APEX didn't gather enough steam in Sydney. Second, Oracle developers are mostly work in contract that they don't have the time for workshop or they just too expensive to take time just to attend the workshop session).

The workshop went out smoothly and both consultant did a good job of getting the workshop done right. They were very helpful and able to answer most of the technical questions that 3 of us threw at them. After the workshop ended, I thanked them for making the workshop a success and enjoyable.

From the workshop, I was able to take the knowledge home on how to rapidly develop web application using APEX and how far the product has changed since version 3. It shows that Oracle is indeed committed to APEX for their future application development.

I would highly recommend Oracle developer to join this workshop again in the future (as I was told there was going to be version 5 release) because the product is free with Oracle and it might prove useful someday for developer who wants to make a quick web application on top of Oracle database.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Driver

It was frustrating to find the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) driver on internet because there are not driver download for model I9250.

Finally, I got my answer with the link below.

After checking the Google website here. Quoted:
The Galaxy Nexus driver, however, is distributed by Samsung (listed as model SCH-I515)
Therefore, I searched the Samsung website base on SCH-I515 keyword and finally found the driver. Well, I still can use the Wifi tethering, but it's making the device very hot and it shuts itself up. Not good.