Monday, July 14, 2014

Data dictionary that makes me angry

The user requested for an agreement report that consists of an agreement start date and agreement sold date. I found my table in the database and based on the column name it was straight forward.

AGMTSTARTDATE (Obviously, the column name stands for agreement start date)
AGMTSOLDDATE (This one is definitely the sold date)

The column is self defined obviously and therefore, the report is easy to generate and I passed the report to the user for review.

However, it was all wrong. According to the front-end system screen, the date reflected was the other way round. I was surprised why system screen would put the AGMTSTARTDATE as solddate and AGMTSOLDDATE as startdate.

The problem has prompted me to check in the data dictionary for the definition and it was defined as follows:

AGMTSTARTDATE - This is the agreement startdate. If the an agreement has a status as SOLD, the agreement sold date will be used as startdate.

This is sort of nonsense that really makes me angry. Apparently, the system developer is down right lazy to update the correct value in the correctly labeled column. Was it really that hard to switch the date between the two columns? Gee...

In short, this is just another bad design or lazy developer. :(