Monday, August 4, 2014

Simplicity of Laptop Fan Cleaning

Why do we need to fan cleaning our laptop? It's simple, most of the laptops nowadays come with a fan and it will suck up dust and trap it at the heat sink. When the dust is build up enough to block the laptop ventilation, the CPU will overheat and hang or shut itself down. As a user who depends on laptop for work, we definitely don't want that to happen.

From the Lenovo website, the G50 series model manual guide on how to fan cleaning your laptop.

Based on the screen shot above, I can see it's rather straightforward. Just open the back panel and remove the fan and then use a brush to clean the heat sink just right beside it.


Now, look at the current laptop I have, which is the HP G6, on how to fan cleaning the laptop.

Apparently I need to strip my laptop down to the motherboard BEFORE I can remove the fan and clean the heat sink. I was in shock after reading the guide because it caused so much hassles just to fan cleaning this laptop.

There's even a Youtube video (search: fan cleaning HP G6) dedicated for the HP G6 on how to strip the laptop down to the motherboard and half way thru the video, I have lost count how many screw the guy has removed. :'(

In short, this has taught me a lesson on always check the laptop model manual guide before making the final purchase decision because it will come back and haunt me when the time comes to maintain it.